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Taberna El Albero

April 6, 2012

ImageIn front of us we have one empty bowl of albondigas de choclo (cuttlefish balls), peppery and so so good. This bar (Taberna El Albero, links below) is a little special, run by an ex-bullfighter/flamenco singer . It’s situated in Barrio de la Viña. The walls are covered with photos of the man with Camaron de la Isla. And stopped clocks: we need to go back and see what time they were stopped at, and if it means anything.

The other empty bowl is no longer full of clams in a sauce of Fino, pimento, ajo, oil. Or maybe it’s Oloroso. Anyway it’s something winey from Jerez.

I’ve had 20 glasses of Manzanilla today. And I’ll have 20 tomorrow. And every day. Nobody ever died from that…

A very special, very happy hour.

Taberna El Albero, Calle San Felix 2, Cadiz, Spain, a little youtube video, and on tripadvisor


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