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Cumpleanos Feliz

April 8, 2012


We drive into Jerez, leaving the stormclouds to the south, with 3 generations and 2 Carmens in the car. In Jerez we find the Calle Porvera lined with Jacaranda trees. We head for the Plaza Rafael Rivero with cerveza and Fino (I get the impression it would be bad form to drink Manzanilla in Jerez).


The sundial is 2 hours out. I think the date refers to the square/building rather than the sundial – it looks way too modern. It’s also a little unclear how we tell the time in the afternoon – must be a morning only sundial. (As an aside I’m wishing for a proper camera instead of the lazybod smartphone option.) The Sun is strong and beautiful today: will the processions go ahead ? They need to be confident that hey won’t get the icons wet. Time for the next square and the next bar. A big open square: Plaza del Blanco. A french lad sings compleanos feliz very sweetly. And Ana spots a small boy disappearing round the corner, he’s doing his own procession, his own penitence. Where do you finish ? ….At the sweetshop.


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